Berry Purrfect Flamin Wax Wild Series Gemstone Soy Candle

Berry Purrfect Flamin Wax Wild Series Gemstone Soy Candle




Berry Purrfect is scented with Black Rasberry, set in over half a kilo of cocosoy wax in a Black patterned glass with rainbow film jar with a curved wooden wick. Set in the wax is clear quarts and Rainbow Hematite. Rainbow Hematite dissolves negativity in all forms, particularly useful during healing to ground high vibrational states. Rainbow Hematite returns negatively transmuted to love.Rainbow Hematite assists mental functioning, memory and development. Rainbow Hematite calms the mind and instils deep inner peace. Rainbow Hematite boosts confidence and self worth. 

Rainbow Hematite stimulates psychic and metaphysical pursuits and aids concentration. Rainbow Hematite raises consciousness and vibration, enabling clairaudient communication and linking into the angelic realm.


This fragrance is like delicious dark raspberries combine with sun-sweetened blackberries to produce this amazingly strong scent.


Top Notes: Banana, peach nectar and strawberry

Middle Notes: Honey, coconut, pineapple and ripened raspberry

Base Notes: Vanilla, malt and mixed berry jam


Candle comes in a branded calico drawstring bag.


    - 100% premium cocosoy wax with a perfume quality fragrance

    - wooden Wick

    - 75-80 hrs+ burning time depending on candle care and environment

    - Black rainbow filmed glass Patterned Jar


    PLEASE NOTE: Crystals and rocks can be left in the jar during burning. Can be removed with tweezers when wax is soft and gently washed under warm water. Wax can be left on to carry the fragrance around the home. Jar can also be used as a vase for small flowers, a makeup brush holder, pencil holder or anything you desire.


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